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21 year old who took the whole The world is yours'' aphorism literally as a child. || Emcee/Producer/Artist || Jeremiah 29:11 ||

Rest in Peace to Eric Garner who recently died due to unnecessary and excessive force by local law enforcement. I made a song last year titled Officer No Peace. Which is an over exaggerated depiction of an officer who is totally set on being crooked.Fiction based on reality. Police and other authority figures abusing their power is not a new issue. It must be addressed more and it needs to be stopped. Constant battle. Much respect to the officers who do their job fairly and uphold the law. I know it’s difficult staying legit while working within a corrupt structure. 


It’s been all over the internet, but If you weren’t previously informed, here’s a link to the story and video.


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He turns into a Gremlin when he wants to play..

The lil homie has World Cup Fever.. He’s got skill.

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Current situation..

19 year old Kanye rapping. 1996.

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Here & There/Humility 101 -- Eric Lenz

A record I made in 2012.

Lovey, Dovey. ^___^

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Ride or Die..

The hate is real, hahahahaha.